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Medical Applications

eApp Solutions provides consulting services across a broad spectrum of the medical arena. (Mobile Solutions, Web, Desktop, Server) bringing "key" workflows to the provider instead of making them "transcriptionists". We specialize in custom database development for hospital-based and ambulatory end-users.

Our job is to help you connect the dots ........

Consulting / Design & Development Services

eApp Solutions creates custom software to solve non-traditional problems. Our goal is to improve the workflow of the provider, while increasing efficiency around the "patient-centered" experience. As we take the "transcriptionist" approach away, the provider is able to spend more "quality-time" with the patient. This provides a more positive experience for both the provider and the patient encouraging better outcomes regarding their overall healthcare.

Throughout the consultation process, we can take existing data and make it more useful or develop additional information pathways which collect new pertinent patient data, ultimately enhancing the provider's decision making process.

Integration / Connectivity

We partner with most of the major Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software providers to customize workflows and develop new innovative approaches to the medical data-management process (both hospital-based and ambulatory). We provide integration services for EHR and PM, radiology, laboratory, medications management, education, and external device support (Web Services, HL7, API Development). We also provide "Outcomes" connectivity and reporting for national specialty Registries (The CDC, Syndromic Surveillance, ...).

Just about anything a provider can dream, we can help create.


eAppSolutions as a covered entity follows HIPAA compliance requirements with regard to Privacy and Security, and Breech Notification standards. It follows the appropriate Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of protected health information (ePHI)... FileMaker databases are stored / served using encryption at rest(EAR). FileMaker client to server interactions use AES-256 encryption.

About Us

eApp Solutions has a vast scope of 30+ years experience in medical applications, both hardware / device creation and software development. At the helm of eApp Solutions is PhD in electrical and computer engineering (biomedical). We utilize over 21+ traditional languages (C, Java, Assembler, Fortran, LISP, ...) as well as web development languages (PHP, JSON, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, … ). We can integrate with many of the familiar databases (Oracle, SQL, MySQL, etc..). Our specialty is being able to tie it all together with FileMaker. This might include connecting to other disparate databases systems as a source, using it as a front-end to another entity, or serving the data with FileMaker. We currently support FileMaker 14, FileMaker 15, and FileMaker 16. New medical application initiatives are developed with FileMaker 15 and 16 (mobile, web, desktop, server).

We follow traditional business hours of M-F 8-5
(installation / maintenance are arranged after hours and weekends).

Let us help you connect the dots .........

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